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Treating Skin Cancer Naturally With CBD Oil

Both squamous cell carcinoma and squamous cell cancer are a sort of cancer of an epithelial cell. It happens to be the second most common type of skin cancer, which is a slower growing form. It is one that can spread out to the tissues, bones, and the lymph nodes, making it difficult to treat.

This is something that will usually begin as a red patch of skin or bump that will often bleed whenever it is scraped. It can come in the form of lip sores that do not heal as well. Many dermatologists will remind patients to watch moles see if they are going through changes in both appearance and size.

Squamous cells are on the top portion of the skin or the epidermis layer. The cells can also be found in the lungs, the lining of the digestive tract, and some other areas of the body. The squamous cell carcinoma can take place in diverse tissues like the esophagus, mouth, lips, urinary bladder and prostate. It is known for being a different form of cancer, and it emerges from an uncontrolled multiplication of the epithelium cells.

Having excessive sun exposure will be dangerous for your skin, as the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun happens to be the leading cause of squamous cell carcinoma. The lights that are used at tanning salons are also known for UV radiation.

The UV rays will damage the DNA in the cells of your skin. Skin cancer may also develop on some of the parts of your body that are not even exposed to the sunlight. It will mean that there are other factors that will develop the skin cancer. You could be exposed to some toxins or carcinogenic chemicals, or if you happen to have a weakened immune system. You could also develop the skin cancer from moles, sunburns, having a family history of skin cancer or even coming into contact with substances containing arsenic.

Treatment of skin cancer is crucial, or it could lead to some serious complications. Treatment will focus on eradicating any of the irregular cells, replacing them with healthy new cells. Natural treatments are available for helping to treat skin cancer as well, including options like apple cider vinegar, cesium chloride, and iodine.

Iodine – Works to attack irregular cells, destroying them without any arm to the normally healthy cells. It can also fight infections that could be festering in the patient’s body.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Works to interrupt cancer’s environment, working to alkalize the body. This brings about a state where the cancer cells are not able to survive, and it can produce important vitamins and minerals that the body needs. These will be important to support the immune function and health of the body.

Cesium Chloride – This is a unique compound regarding cancer treatment, which comes from a reaction between cesium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. This is salt that is useful for supplying the body with much-needed energy while starving the cancer cells.

Of course, there is also Chemotherapy or chemo. This is a traditional treatment for curing skin cancer, which uses one or more of the anticancer drugs as a part of a regimen. It stops or slows down cancer cell growth in the body.

However, there is a treatment option that is safer and more natural for helping to cure skin cancer.

Both scientists and doctors alike are amazed and encouraged by the potential of cannabis as an anti-cancer treatment. Studies show that cannabinoids have been useful for successfully reducing skin cancer, showing that it can reduce it by as much as 90% over a span of about 20 weeks. Cannabis can improve projection, helping to give cancer patients the ability to restore the quality of life. All natural cannabis has been shown to be more effect and potent than any prosthetic cannabis.

When looking at cannabidiol, or CBD oil, you are looking at over 100 cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant. It can work with the body throughout the endocannabinoid system, also known as the endogenous cannabinoid system. This regulates the general state of balance within the body, or homeostasis, which has a significant impact on appetite, sleep, immune system, mood, and pain response.

The studies surrounding CBD oil for skin cancer treatment are no surprise for anyone who is dealing with cancer. There is a range of stories and cases where people have been diagnosed as having squamous cell carcinoma and used CBD oil with great results.

The cannabinoids in CBD oil Skin Care can actually target and kill the cancerous cells, and they are not going to impact any of the normal, healthy cells. It will protect them from cellular death, and they help to prevent the same cancer cells from being able to grow and spread.