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CBD Oil For Crohn’s Disease

If you’re one of the multitudes of patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, take heart, there is hope. Inflammatory bowel disease that affects the digestive tract is severe, and it can readily spread to the deeper layers of the bowel. Crohn’s often begins with inflammation in the mouth, and it continues to the stomach and the colon and finally, the anus.

While scientists haven’t found a cure for the disease, they have discovered that CBD oil works very well to help patients control many of the symptoms of the condition. Often, this is all the hope that a patient needs. Managing the symptoms can go far in helping these patients to lead a healthy life free from inflammation and pain.

What Exactly Causes Crohn’s Disease?

Let’s take a moment to learn more about this condition. Per experts, those who suffer from Crohn’s have somehow compromised their immune system. It’s not fully known how or why but they will continue to have this going on for many years to come. It may be genetic, or it may relate to stress or their lifestyle. Since there is no exact cause, it’s often more challenging to treat than other conditions where the cause is known.

It’s also be suggested that Crohn’s disease could also be a reaction to antigens. For this reason, antigens have been studied to see if they may have an effect in Crohn’s disease. These foreign substances are destroyed by a healthy immune system, however, in an immune system that’s been compromised, it’s much more challenging to treat the condition. Patients may have a lot of trial and error in treatment.

Other researchers have found that a virus or bacteria may also play a leading role in Crohn’s disease. Children who contract Crohn’s disease often have more enteroviruses in their intestines.

Common Symptoms Of Crohn’s Disease

The symptoms may include abdominal pain and cramps that last for days on end. Patients may also have diarrhea, blood in the stool, chronic fatigue and fevers. They may also develop sores inside of their mouths.

Other symptoms include a lower appetite. For this reason, many patients become almost anorexic looking.

Is Cannabis An Effective Treatment?

Unfortunately, scientists have yet to find the cure for Crohn’s disease. For this reason, many patients have turned to alternative medications to treat the symptoms and condition. Unfortunately, all they can do is reduce the symptoms. The condition is usually life-long.

However, many experts in the field have begun reviewing the use of cannabis in treating patients who are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Early results appear to be very promising.

In clinical trials that involved THC and cannabis, the experts found a significant reduction in the activity of the disease in 90 percent of the patients affected. There were also no major side effects.

Scientists believe that the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis are what is helping these patients. It’s long been known that Cannabis and Cannabinoids will interact in the intestines as well as the nervous system, brain, and colon. This, in turn, helps to reduce the inflammation that many patients suffer with and have pain from allowing CBD Oil For Crohn’s Disease to be useful.

The THC has added a protective layer. CBD oils can improve the rate in which wounds in the colon close. This reduces pain as well as inflammation. It can also help by telling the brain to relieve nausea and ease the feelings of being unwell.

CBD Oil For Crohn’s Disease can also encourage the body to create white blood cells. These will fight off the inflammation and help to heal the body. The oil can also contribute to preventing secretions that inflame the gut.

As more research is underway, there is substantial evidence that the CBD oil is safe and effective in treating Crohn’s disease. Obviously, more research is needed to fully understand the relation to long-term issues from Crohn’s disease and relief from the symptoms. As scientists continue to do their research more information is being obtained, and more detailed studies are being started up.